Hi Brett,

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. 

So, firstly I'll explain the statement, "certainly not death by flat pack". The product was neatly packed, with all perspex parts film protected. It is tedious to remove the films but anyone who complains about this does not value the shiny aesthetics of perspex. This is what makes the product so appealing. The instructions were clear and although the assembly was fiddly due to all the small parts, the end product is sturdy and true. My wife and I enjoyed putting it together and it took us about an hour, including distractions from the ankle biters.

We did not find the build to be difficult. That said, I'm an engineer. I can imagine that some might find it a bit tricky. A build tutorial video might help them.

Loading and operating the box is simple. At the time of writing this review, we have done three batches, all with different weather conditions. We're learning how adjusting the fan speeds gives different results and how to adjust to cope with different temperatures and humidities.

I've found a drip tray that fits up against all four sides to be hard to find, so I just line the bottom with aluminium foil and cut it wider and longer so it folds up the sides.

If you'd like me to add anything else to the review, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks mate.



I have wanted to make my own biltong for as long as I can remember and it was an exciting day when I opened my flat-packed parcel to begin building the box. It was a bit of challenge to make, but soon I was ready to start preparing my meat. I searched for many different recipes and spoke for a long time with the biltong guru, Brett, but settled on the way I was going to attempt making Kangaroo biltong. I hung it up and attempted patience, yet after one day I decided that it would be a waste to not completely fill the box, so I ran out, purchased more Kangaroo and also some Rump Beef. I prepared and hung these and tried them at different stages of the drying process. Kangaroo is very gamey and I wasn’t satisfied with the taste, but will think on more recipes. The beef was scrumptious and disappeared quickly amongst friends. Around 9 days seemed ideal for our preferences. I have found the whole process very satisfying and rewarding. The box is easy to use, compact, and a cinch to clean - now is a permanent fixture in my kitchen. THANKS Biltong Box for satisfying my cravings in a country where it is difficult to find all the things one misses from “home!”


Howzit Brett,

The first batch turned out really lekker! Nice spicy touch to it, not too much. Definitely not the "bland" biltong I've tasted before. There was only one problem. I made 1kg (2.2 lbs) and that disappeared in no time at all. I gave my younger son's ice hockey coach (Canadian, lived many years in RSA, proclaimed biltong from Namibia was the best) a good chunk that I sliced up. He really liked it! So there you go, a huge success. For my second batch I bought 6 lbs of meat. I'm just counting the days to climb into this lot. Such a lekker aroma in the air when one walks into the kitchen.
Quite a lot of my friends on Facebook have been asking where I got the box. Glad to hear they've contacted you.

Here's a photo of my next batch.



FYI - I posted those photos I sent you on Facebook and have since gotten a stack of enquiries from South African friends of mine that live across the world. I told them you ship anywhere in the world. Also gave them your website URL.
I also told them the story that if it's a wooden box, ones wife is going to make sure it ends up in the garage, out-of-sight, collecting dust and car fumes. With yours, it's the center piece in the kitchen. When you walk into the kitchen there's a terrific aroma in the air (of the dry mix). I'm always checking to see how it's doing. When it's empty, it'll get restocked ASAP, no doubt about that. A nicer snack you can't wish for.
Can't wait to taste the first batch! Will let you know.